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Efficient, safe and dust-free

The Galahad bag cutting / bag emptying machine has been the optimum bulk transfer solution by TBMA for more than four decades for cutting and emptying various types of bags from 25 to 80 kg. The system is supplied as a semi-automatic or optionally fully automatic with a robot to place the bags on the conveyor belt.

The Galahad ensures continuous safe, dust-free and hygienic emptying of bags with a residual value between 0,01% and 0,1% for free-flowing products and maximum 0,5% for poor-flowing products. The system can directly fill a bulk truck or Big-Bags or be connected to a pneumatic or mechanical transport system. Due to the smart construction and the high speed, a capacity can be achieved up to 1.300 bags or 40 tons per hour, depending on the type of product and the bag size. The bags are opened with one clean cut where there is no contact between the outside of the bag and the product.

Depending on the degree of automation, the system can be operated by one person, making it a labour-saving solution for emptying bags. For dust-free processing, the Galahad can also be equipped with a dust filter unit with extraction fan or connected to an externally placed filter or central dust extraction system.


Cost savings and regulations in the field of working conditions are increasingly leading to robotization of heavy work. The Galahad can easily be expanded with a robot for a fully automatic supply of the bags. In most cases, this also applies to pre-existing Galahads.

By using image sensors, the correct coordinates of the location of the bag(s) are determined. These coordinates are used to control the robot arm. As a result, less well-stacked or shifted pallets can also be processed without problems. A special vacuum technology ensures that the bags are sucked on firmly, so that there is little failure.

The robot can be equipped with a single-head or multi-head. The single-head takes a single 25 kg bag at a time and has a maximum capacity of 500 bags or 12,5 tonnes per hour. The multi-head can pick up a complete layer of 5 bags in one go. This makes a capacity of 1.000 bags or 25 tons / hour possible.

For both versions, the system can be operated by one person, making the ROI very interesting. Moreover, it is a good solution for the often difficult filling of vacancies in this sector.

The vacuum technology is not suitable for jute and woven polypropylene bags (up to 70 kg). A needle gripper is used for this. Consequently, the maximum capacities are different.


  • Weight of standard unit: 1.000 kg
  • Bag thickness: max. 250 mm
  • Pocket width setting range: 390-520 mm | 360-620 mm (optional)
  • Rotating knife: hard chromed | Tungsten cutting surface (optional)
  • Material version: steel coated or stainless steel
  • Transport chain tensioning device: automatic and self-correcting
  • Cleaning, inspection and maintenance: extra access doors and hinged roofs (optional)
  • Safety switches: on all access doors


  • Robot for fully automatic supply
  • Dust filter
  • Control panel
  • Planing / lifting / tilting table
  • Belt conveyor in various designs
  • Brush unit
  • Screw conveyor
  • Rotating screen or built-in shaking screen
  • Crusher / lumb breaker
  • Rotary valve
  • Bag compactor
  • Automatic baler


  • Stainless steel execution
  • Wider version
  • Extended version
  • Hinged roofs and extra access doors


TBMA Galahad bag cutting and emptying machine View

TBMA Galahad Säckescheid- und Entleerungsmaschine View


Video Galahad bag emptying machine in action More info

Video Single-head robot for Galahad bag slitting and emptying machine More info

Video Multi-head robot for Galahad bag slitting and emptying machine More info


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