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Open loading

For open loading of ships it is important that the outlet of the loading chute rests on the product. The dust skirt and the specially designed spout ensure that the underpressure in the chute can be maintained. In this way, dust-free loading can be guaranteed.

The chute is automatically lifted by the electric winch and the level sensor in the outlet when product build-up occurs under the chute. The internal guide cones ensure that the product comes into contact with the chute as little as possible. These cones also ensure a separation of product and extraction air. In this way a minimum of product is extracted.

Closed loading

For closed loading, the loading chute rests on the manhole of the ship compartment. This gives a dust-free seal. The dust extraction system ensures a constant, light underpressure in the ship compartment. In this way the dust cannot disappear during loading.

While the ship is being loaded, it will lower slightly under the weight of the product. This is automatically corrected by the electric winch, which causes the chute to move automatically.

The chute can be equipped with a level sensor, so that flooding is prevented during loading. The loading chute outlet can be equipped with a closing cone that closes the chute when it is lifted. In this way, spillage is prevented and the chute is closed to birds and insects when not in use.

Cardan joints

For chutes used for loading ships, Cimbria has developed a series of standard cardan joints. The chutes are often attached to a conveying boom that can move up and down to facilitate the varying sizes of ships or height differences due to the tidal action. The cardan joint between the boom and the chute provides a variable angle, so that the chute always remains in a vertical position, even in the parking position. An exactly vertical position ensures an optimal flow of the product during loading. In addition, the wear factor on the inlet and guiding cones of the chute is reduced to a minimum.

Custom-made | Previously, the cardan joints were designed and constructed as one-off solutions, taking into account the specific application (product, process, location, etc.). A widely applicable standard range has now been developed based on Cimbria's extensive experience in making such equipment. Complete solutions can be realised quickly and efficiently. Custom solutions are of course still possible for special applications.

Flexible cardan joints | When designing the joints, the construction height and weight have been kept as low as possible. Wear plates can also be placed in the hopper of the joint. This makes the coupling flexible to adapt to the nature of the bulk material. For example, steel, Hardox and Vautid wear plates are available. All product contact parts can be made of stainless steel. The easy-to-replace, maintenance-friendly joints are available for all chutes sizes and equipped with a counterweight.

Radial trimmer

The latest addition to the Cimbria range is the radial trimmer. This rotating spout is available with different options depending on the application and end user requirements. The accessory is mounted on a precision slewing ring on the outlet of the loading chute and can be controlled remotely. The device, which is used continuously or intermittently, distributes the product evenly in the ship's hold. This way the hold below deck is filled to the maximum with a minimum of machine movements.

The radial trimmer is available in a stainless steel version and can be fitted with wear-resistant plates. The adjustable counterweight ensures a stable loading situation.

Water spraying systems

Dust emissions sometimes can be reduced by spraying the product with water during loading. The prerequisite, of course, is that this does not adversely affect the properties of the product. Coal, coke and iron ore, for example, can easily be sprayed. In that case, no extraction is required and the risk of a dust explosion is minimised.

The sprinkler system consists of a water hose on a reel (or a spiral hose), which follows the chute as it is extended or retracted, and a spray ring with nozzles. During loading, the water flows through the hose into the spray ring at the outlet of the chute. The number of nozzles on the spray ring depends on the size of the outlet. When loading is complete, the water supply is turned off and the loading chutes retracted. The water spray system is suitable for both smaller loading chutes (typical for loading in open trucks) and larger chutes (typical for ship loading). The system is available with manual or electric control.

CIMBRIA Moduflex loading chutes

TBMA is the official distributor and service center of Cimbria Moduflex in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more than 40 years, Cimbria Moduflex has been providing safe and efficient solutions to prevent dust development when loading dry bulk goods into ships, bulk trucks and trains or stockpiling these goods. New accessories for loading chutes have recently been added to the range of the Danish company. Some of them are designed for a specific task, others for more general use.

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