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Silos, tanks and hoppers

TBMA designs and supplies a wide variety of silos, tanks, hoppers and separators in standard, pressure or vacuum applications and for storage of various products.

These vessels are available in a selection of material versions, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, fiberglass and reinforced polyester, and can be provided with special coatings to protect the internal or external silo surface.

Silo discharge equipment

Silo discharge equipment is used for products that have such poor flow characteristics that gravity alone is not sufficient to allow them to flow from a silo, hopper or tank. This prevents typical discharging problems, such as sticking, bridging, troughing, compaction, blocking and demixing.

Level probes and load cells ensure a controlled release. Explosion relief panels and flame arrestors  are indispensable for pressure and explosion protection.

TBMA supplies various equipment for achieving an optimum product flow:

  • Fluidization equipment
  • Mechanical discharge equipment
  • Level probe
  • Loading cells
  • Explosion relief panels and flame arrestors

TBMA are specialists in the design and supply of components and systems for bulk solids handling. Our extensive range of high quality processing equipment is suitable for handling powders and granules with proven reliability in practice in a variety of processing industries. The highly qualified and experienced TBMA staff are well able to translate your requirements into the right execution and application of our components. We also offer the design and execution of complete projects, thus providing you with an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for your process.

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