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The HZ horizontal rotary valves by TBMA are used for accurate and continuous dosing of products such as coal, barite and bentonite. The HZ valve has an extremely robust construction and a large inlet with a relatively small rotor volume. The vertical agitator of the valve ensures that the valve works with an exact 100% filing degree.

The HZ valve can be used in combination with a pressure vessel in a pneumatic transport system with a very accurate dosage.


TBMA industry applications HZ horizontal rotary valve

In brief

  • Large inlet opening with vertically positioned rotor
  • Complete emptying of the rotor pockets
  • Very accurate and repeatable dosing characteristics
  • Special discharge agitator for poorly flowing products
  • 100% filling degree
  • Pulsation-free product flow
  • Dosage linear with the speed


  • Flange sizes: DN150 – DN700
  • Flanges: drilled in accordance with PN10
  • Rotor volume: up to 100.000 ltr/hr
  • Explosion proof: up to 10 barg


  • Corrosion resistant version for chemically aggressive products
  • Abrasian resistant version for abrasive products
  • Specially coated version for sticky products
  • Alternative materials (steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc.)


  • Geared motor with closed chain trainsmission (type HZK)
  • Slip-on gear with direct drive (type HZMP)


  • Rotation detection
  • Deviating flange bores
  • Pulsating air injection system


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