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High-care | Hygienic solution

When producing foodstuffs, for example baby food, very high hygienic requirements are imposed on components and systems. TBMA has extensive experience with the design, supply and commissioning of sanitary big-bag filling and weighing lines, aimed at preventing bacterial risks and product contamination. The installations are easily accessible, easy to clean and in accordance with the applicable EHEDG and ATEX guidelines. The high-care systems are validated for weighing and hot sealing.

Filled big-bags are sometimes being stored for a longer period of time, which creates the risk of product degradation. When using special big-bags with a gastight inner bag, TBMA can adapt the installation in order to achieve airtight multiple hot sealing of the big-bag liners. The bag is made vacuum by using a special valve in the big-bag liner and then injected with nitrogen. This way the shelf life of the product is significantly extended.

Case study

TBMA has developed an integrated filling line for a Dutch milk powder producer in which Big-Bags are filled and weighed and then transported from a hi-care to a lo-care room. These spaces are separated by a double airlock. The client is a Dutch milk powder producer of top quality baby and toddler food and one of the largest suppliers of baby milk powder in the world.

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