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Open loading

When loading open trucks and wagons it is important that the outlet of the loading chute rests on the product. The dust skirt and the specially designed spout ensure that the underpressure in the chute can be maintained. In this way, dust-free loading can be guaranteed.

The chute is automatically lifted by the electric winch and the level sensor in the outlet when product build-up occurs under the chute. The internal guide cones ensure that the product comes into contact with the chute as little as possible. These cones also ensure a separation of product and extraction air. In this way a minimum of product is extracted.

Closed loading

For closed loading, the loading chute rests on the manhole of the bulktruck, container or train wagon. This gives a dust-free seal. The dust extraction system ensures a constant, light underpressure in the truck. In this way the dust cannot disappear during loading.

While the truck is being loaded, it will lower slightly under the weight of the product. This is automatically corrected by the electric winch, which causes the chute to move automatically. The chute can be equipped with a level sensor, so that flooding is prevented during loading.

The loading chute outlet can be equipped with a closing cone that closes the chute when it is lifted. In this way, spillage is prevented and the chute is closed to birds and insects when not in use.

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