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Safety and health

The chemical and plastics industry comprises a wide product range of hazardous substances: plastics, flame retardants, resins, dyes, catalysts, cellulose, salts, iron oxides, powdered coal, etc.

The need for a safe working environment and transportation, storage and processing of these substances speaks for itself. Our expertise and many years of experience have led to our extensive range of components and systems being used for the synthetic process industry worldwide. Dust tightness, ATEX certification and explosion pressure resistance are terms we are very familiar with and we use our knowledge on a daily basis to guarantee the safety of your employees, your factory and your product.

Below you will find an overview of our components and systems for the chemicals and plastics industries.

Rotary valves and diverters

Iron oxide and salts are examples of products used in the chemical industry. This type of product requires components that are inert, chemical-corrosion resistant and resistant to high temperatures.

The TBMA H-series rotary valves can be completely made of stainless steel or provided with a special chemical-corrosion resistant coating and are available in high-temperature version. This increases the life time of the valves and prevents downtime.

These rotary valves are suitable for dosing powders and granules, absorbing differential pressure and as protection system up to 10 bar for products in dust class St1 and St2.

The DTD plug diverter can be executed with stainless steel liners in the plug, making it extremely suitable for diverting and converging abrasive products.

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Big-Bag filling

With TBMA Big-Bag filling and weighing systems Big-Bags are filled suspended, and optionally vibrated and weighed, regardless the type of bag. This ensures a stable, straight-filled bag that is easy to stack.

Due to the efficient filling and accurate weighing, our systems are used successfully in various types of animal feed installations worldwide. Product loss, contamination and dust formation during filling are thus prevented, which is certainly of great importance for finer powders.

Our modular Big-Bag filling systems are available for processing bags with a filled weight of 500 up to 1.600 kg. Depending on the product supply and system layout, a filling capacity of 20 bags per hour can be achieved.

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Big-Bag unloading

TBMA Big-Bag unloading systems are specifically designed for trouble-free unloading of various products from different types of FIBCs. The liner clamping and clamping mechanism prevents dust, product loss and contamination.

The systems are suitable for processing single or multi-trip bags, with or without a plastic inner bag. A number of unique options have also been designed for the safe and hygienic release of chemical products.

The TBMA range is based on a simple but very flexible modular concept in which the basic models can be expanded with various options.

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Bag emptying (25kg)

Many ingredients used in the chemical industry, such as cellulose, salts and powdered coal, are transported and supplied as bagged goods. The Galahad automatic bag emptying machine has been TBMA's optimum bulk transfer solution for cutting and emptying various types of bags from 25 up to 80 kg for more than four decades. The system is supplied as a semi-automatic or optionally fully automatic with a robot to place the bags on the conveyor belt.

The Galahad ensures continuous dust-free and hygienic emptying of the bags with a residual value between 0,01% and 0,05%. The bags are opened with one clean cut at which there is no contact between the outside of the bag and the product.

For smaller quantities, we supply various dust-proof bag dumping cabinets.

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Pneumatic conveying

When it comes to pneumatic conveying in the chemical industry, we offer you both the components and systems as well as the knowledge and experience to select the best solution for you. Typical applications are e.g. the handling of plastics, catalysts, AlCl3 and glas for the automotive industry.

We engineer and supply reliable and sustainable systems for dense phase and dilute phase  applications. In the process we take into account the vulnerability, abrasiveness or segregation sensitivity of your products. When desired, we can deliver the system including control system.

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Blending and homogenising

The VRM vertical blender by TBMA is very suitable for mixing larger batches of product and is often used for, for example, homogenising segregated batches.

The combination of a high degree of mixing and complete release makes the Conical Spiral Batch mixer very suitable for mixing various products.

The Turbo mixer has been specially developed for mixing and dispersing powders in liquids. This mixer is ideally suited for dispersing temperature-sensitive products such as PVC additives and pigments in paint.

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Silo storage

We work closely with renowned partners for the delivery of silos, blenders, tanks and hoppers designed by TBMA. This allows us to supply a full range of storage units in standard, vacuum or pressure applications and for the storage of various products. The silos etc are available in various materials and can be equipped with various peripheral equipment, such as level switches, valves, filters, explosion pannels, etc.

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Loading chutes

Loading chutes are used for the dust-free loading of bulk goods in e.g. trucks. The Moduflex program with loading chutes has been completing our own product range for more than 20 years. This allows us to offer a total package of components and systems for the chemical industry.

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TBMA designs and supplies rotary valves, diverter valves and other components for the processing of bulk solids goods. Our hi-end equipment is suitable for conveying powders and granules in almost all industries.

Our components:


TBMA are specialists in the design and supply of components and systems for bulk solids handling. Our extensive range of high quality processing equipment is suitable for handling powders and granules with proven reliability in practice in a variety of processing industries. The highly qualified and experienced TBMA staff are well able to translate your requirements into the right execution and application of our components. We also offer the design and execution of complete projects, thus providing you with an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for your process.

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