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Representative and reliable

A well-taken product sample gives a correct representation of the production. An incorrect or inconsistent sample can lead to unnecessary and costly production losses, delays in delivery times, customer rejection, etc.

TBMA has a complete range of automatic samplers. These give a representative and reliable image and are applicable for granules, flakes and powders.

Our samplers are suitable for use in pneumatic transport systems and for bunkers, hoppers, silos or down spouts. In most cases, they can be integrated into existing systems.

Below you will find an overview of our types of samplers. For more info:


TBMA samplers industry applications


Type SRF: automatic sampler, can be used to take representative product samples from barrels and hoppers. The sampler is equipped with a screw, ensuring poor-flowing materials can also be processed. This type is easy demountable and therefore also suitable for hygienic applications. The SRF sampler has an adjustable sample size and frequency.

Type PTS: automatic sampler, to be used for taking representative product samples from pneumatic transport systems.

Type SPV: automatic sampler, suitable for taking representative product samples of free-flowing materials in fall pipes.

Sampler type SRF

TBMA sampler type SRF

Sampler type PTS

TBMA sampler type PTS

Sampler type SPV

TBMA sampler type SPV


TBMA are specialists in the design and supply of components and systems for bulk solids handling. Our extensive range of high quality processing equipment is suitable for handling powders and granules with proven reliability in practice in a variety of processing industries. The highly qualified and experienced TBMA staff are well able to translate your requirements into the right execution and application of our components. We also offer the design and execution of complete projects, thus providing you with an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for your process.

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