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The dairy, food, pet food and pharmaceutical industries are full of processes that require regular cleaning. Consequently, easy inspection and quick access to the inside have become key features for rotary valves in these industries.

The DCSR-2T USDA Dairy Accepted and EHEDG compliant rail valves are the perfect fit for any sanitary application where prevention of product contamination is top of the list. The valves are available in drop through or blow through version and are equipped with a tapered rotor and body. This design ensures that at no point the rotor and body will come into contact while opening or closing the valve. Also, when extracted the rotor can be smoothly rotated for easy cleaning. 

The clearances of the rotor are prefixed during manufacturing, so no special tools or techniques are needed for the clearance settings.

The DCSR-2T valves are supplied in stainless steel 316 and are standard equipped with an 8 bladed rotor with radiused u-shaped pockets. All product contact surfaces are standard polished to 0,8 µm, optional up to 0,4 µm.

DCSR-2T rotary valves are suitable for use in dairy, food, pet food, pharmaceutical and other dry bulk material handling industries. 

In brief


  • Available sizes 150-350
  • Drop-through or blow-through
  • 10 bar pressure shock resistant
  • ATEX compliant
  • Operating temperature up to 150 °C
  • Sanitary seals
  • Air seal


  • Air purge dairy
  • Zero speed sensor
  • Rotor Interference Sensor (RIS)
  • High temperature version


  • Dense or dilute phase pneumatic conveying
  • Vacuum conveying
  • Gravity feeding and metering


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