Milk powder manufacturer - Netherlands

Customer: Milk powder manufacturer
Location: North Netherlands
Year: 2014
Products: Baby and infant milk powder
Type of project: Big-Bag filling installation
Scope of supply: High-Care, fully automatic, sanitary filling and weighing installation for 600 - 1000 kg Big Bags
System capacity: 14 big-bags/hour of 1000 kg max.

When filling Big Bag's with baby and infant formula milk powders extremely high hygienic standards have to be met; a challenge taken on by TBMA during the development and production of a “high-care” Big Bag filling system. One of the largest Dutch milk suppliers is now equipped with a high-care TBMA Big Bag filling system - one more high-care solution for the food industry engineered by TBMA Europe following on from successfully completed installations in countries like Finland and Ireland.

Fully automatic filling and weighing installation for Big Bags
TBMA has developed this high care filling installation in 2014 for a milk powder manufacturer in the Netherlands in order to automatically fill and weigh up to 1000 kg big-bags with baby and infant milk powder under hygienic conditions. This unique installation is designed taking EHEDG and ATEX regulations into account. The Big Bags are filled and weighed in a high care room. Transfer of the big-bags onto pallets takes place outside the sanitary area after they have been sealed.

High-care big bag filling systems for the food industry

Project scope TBMA :

  • TBMA Big-Bag filling station Type CVB/F-3-1500
  • Suspension frame with 4 automatic loop release hooks. The two rear hooks automatically move to the operator position for easy access
  • Double walled filling head with inflatable bag spout clamping mechanism and dust collection tray with suction facility
  • Inflation system for big-bag liner with centrifugal fan and HEPA filter
  • Stamped weighing system (certified), maximum weight 1000 kg net
  • Unique dosing valve with ultrasonic vibration for precise metering
  • Special coned vibrator support table
  • Electromechanical lifting mechanism, lifting capacity: 1.500 kg
  • Pallet drive-in and drive-out shuttle
  • Air lock for removal of filled Big Bags from the high-care area
  • Big Bag lift system with pallet dispenser
  • Operator control panel  

Filling Big Bags with milk powder for baby and infant food takes place in a high-care environment. This is because of the very strict hygiene requirements. Projects like these have very specific customer requirements and must comply with laws and regulations such as EHEDG and ATEX. There are high demands on working conditions as well as cleanability. TBMA is well aware that the smallest details make the difference during the development of such an installation. TBMA engineers converted all these details into a concrete design to meet the customer’s requirements.

High-care solution

Pallets are not allowed in the high-care environment due to the chance of contamination. Therefore TBMA developed a hanging filling and weighing system which vibrates during the filling of the Big-Bag's. This ensures the delivery of stable Big Bags that won’t topple over and which are easy to transport.

To ensure that the Big Bag's are accurately filled, the TBMA installation uses a unique metering valve capable of handling both large and very small product flow rates. The ultrasonic vibration of the valve blade allows the filling machine to accurately weigh and dose the required amount of powder.
This means that each Big Bag contains the exact total amount of product.

Unique dosing valve with ultrasonic vibration for precise metering

Details of cleanability and ergonomics

Product changes and cross-contamination issues define that the whole system must be thoroughly cleanable. The installation has therefore been constructed from stainless steel open profiles, which are simply dry-cleaned. The cleaning can be done within acceptable time limits without the need for disassembling. In fact every single detail has been evaluated to optimize cleanability. For example, the design of the handrails or the way signal cables are installed in the cable ladders as well as ensuring that there is a minimum powder residue in the system to avoid product wastage.

Even the last product remnants, which can be spilled when the buffer hopper manholes are opened for cleaning, are collected and extracted. This prevents soiling of the Big Bag and the clean room.

Ergonomic pneumatically damped, operator support  

The operator is able to adjust the stainless steel support plate, which is incorporated into the safety handrail, to suit his/her requirements. This allows optimum access to the filling head for placing of the inlet spout. At the same time the support hooks move automatically to the front of the machine so that the operator does not have to over reach when placing the big-bag loops. Ergonomic pneumatically damped, operator support
•	Suspension frame with 4 automatic loop release hooks. The two rear hooks automatically move to the operator position for easy access •	Double-walled filling head with inflatable bag spout clamping mechanism and dust collection tray with suction facility Suspended filling and weighing system for stable stackable Big Bag with flat bottom and top

The TBMA Hygienic Big Bag Filling unit ultimately provides up to 14 stable, stackable and easy to transport Big Bags per hour. A project after which we can proudly look back and safely say “TBMA, Better in Bulk”.


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