Innoseeds - The Netherlands

Customer: Innoseeds
Location: The Netherlands
Year of completion: 2012
Product: Grass seeds
Type of project: Big-Bag filling system
Scope of supply : Fully automatic filling and weighing of Big-Bags and wooden crates
System capacity : 15 big-bags / crates per hour


Fully automatic filling and weighing of Big-Bags and wooden crates
In 2012, TBMA has developed an installation for the Innoseeds company in order
to fully automatically fill and weigh Big-Bags and wooden containers with grass seeds. In addition the existing pallet destacking system was modernized.

Project scope TBMA :

  • TBMA Big-Bag filling station with special frame construction 
  • Suspension frame with 4 automatic loop release hooks
  • Double-walled filling head with inflatable bag spout clamping mechanism (AISI304)
  • Inflation system for big-bag liner with centrifugal fan
  • Stamped weighing system (certified), maximum weight 1.500 kg. (net)
  • Special conical vibration support table for Big-Bags and containers 
  • Electromechanical lifting mechanism, lifting capacity: 1.500 kg
  • Integrated and retractable pallet transport system
  • Operator control panel
  • Butterfly shut-off valve DN 250
  • Revised automatic pallet destacker dispenser 


 Fully automatic filling and weighing of Big-Bags and wooden crates 


Operating principle Big-Bags filling

The operator places the empty big bag on to the suspension frame with the 4 automatic loop release hooks of the big bag installation. The two rear hooks automatically move over a linear guide to the operator position for easy access.  The inflatable bag spout clamping mechanism secures the liner inlet spout to the filling head.


The big bag liner will be inflated after entering the desired weight requirements and pushing the start button. Big-bag filling will start after a second signal activates the dosing valve above the filling station. The big-bag is filled while suspended to allow the bag to stretch completely.  With the coned vibrator table the product is de-aerates and compacted by means of vibration ensuring maximum weight in the smallest and most economical bag. The conical shape of the table forces the material towards the corners of the bag. The table is automatically raised and lowered several times during filling at different set points whereby the vibrating action is directly transferred into the bag for a compact and stable result.

Filling is continuous and the big-bag is under vibration for 90% of the filling time. During the last 10% of the process cycle, the support table automatically lowers to allow accurate final weighing. The vibrating period and interval can be set to the particular product and type of bag. The final weight is displayed on the control panel and can be checked by the operator.


After approval the inflatable bag spout clamping mechanism is deaerated after which the liner can be closed. The big bag installation is equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism that controls the special conical vibration support table and integrated pallet transportation system. The hydraulic lifting platform lowers the big-bag and sets it ready for transportation to the next position. There are 2 buffer zones for take-out by fork lift truck.

Operating principle filling wooden containers/crates

A fork lift truck places the empty crate on to the start position of the pallet dispenser. A chain conveyor then transports the crate into the filling machine and placing the crate right above the coned vibrator table.

The vibrator table will rise up and lifts the crate from conveyor up to the filling head. A special cover mechanism has been developed to avoid any dust development. During filling the crate is vibrated. Once its set weight has been reached the vibrator table is lowered and the crate is transported to the first buffer zone. Now the filled crate is ready for further processing similar to the big-bags process.


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