Systems & Projects - Introduction

Total Concept in Bulk Handling and Process control
TBMA can also provide you with a complete engineering service for the design; supply, installation and commissioning of fully automated process plants to a variety of industries.

With its sophisticated systems and bulk handling equipment, TBMA have successfully completed turn-key projects in the chemical, paint, ink, food, plastic, cement, dairy and compounding industries.

Flow scheme of bulk handling installation

Installations have called for design and manufacture of equipment for storage, conveying, dosing, feeding, discharging, weighing, dedusting, and mixing of both solid and liquid raw materials and associated products. It is our business to look
for a solution to your process problems, no matter what the application demands.

TBMA offers you a complete test facility for assessing your requirements before making appropriate recommendations on the equipment required for any future installation.

Weigh, mix- and blending tanks

45 years of experience
With over 45 years of experience TBMA are pioneers in the field of dry solids for the process industry. TBMA make it their business to achieve a better process control, to solve processing problems and to raise the level of production.
For the innovative, flexible approach and by applying the very latest techniques TBMA have commanded respect for their craftsmanship in design, development, manufacture and execution in delivering complete process plants and automation of existing installations.

Environment and safety
For TBMA, it is not just the process itself, but also environmental aspects that are of the utmost importance. In applying new techniques and materials, TBMA are working on cleaner, safer and more efficient solutions to processing problems. Energy-saving, reduction of environmental pollution and creating a safe working environment according to international standards are main priorities of our company.

Turn key Service

A processing unit is only as strong as its weakest link: TBMA therefore offer their customers a “Turnkey Service” in which all the links of the processing chain are brought together. This ranges from the initial design and feasibility study to the actual installation and training of operators and maintenance staff. This results in guarantied capacity and quality control, as well as a trouble-free and efficient installation

TBMA, We Know-How
Innovation, differentiation, efficiency and vast experience in bulk handling technology have contributed to a great amount of companies who have chosen TBMA as their partner in process system development

It is our business to look for a solution to your process problems.

Quality is no Coincidence!
TBMA can make the difference!