Dual channel plug diverter valve


Suitable for diverting bulk solids in pneumatic and vacuum conveying lines

The dual channel diverter valve type TWD is designed to divert or combine solids in powder or granular form in pneumatically operated pressure (dilute, dense phase) and vacuum conveying handling systems.
These diverter valves are used in more heavy duty applications especially in situations where short switching times are required. Dual channel diverter valves are standard designed for a max. system pressure of 2 bar.

Valve features

  • Shortest possible switch over time as designed with two separate channels
  • Plug with two separate channels
  • Diverting angles 35°
  • Position change without stopping gas stream
  • In special cases, the change over could be done during product conveying
  • Powerful pneumatic actuator connected to plug by means of lever
  • No moving parts outside package unit for maximum work safety
  • Quick cleaning by simple removal of non drive side cover
  • Standard designed for max. system pressure of 2 barg
  • Max. solids temperature up to 120°C
  • Available in 5 sizes ranging from DIN50 up to DIN125