Silo storage and discharge


Silos, Tanks and Hoppers
TBMA can offer you a complete solution for any kind
of storage for dry solids materials. Expertise in the application of equipment and a close co-operation
with a selected group of high quality silo and tank manufacturers will provide you with the guarantee
of reliability and high performance.

To suit your specific storage problems of various products TBMA can design and supply a wide range
of silos, blenders, tanks, hoppers, bins etc. in standard, pressure or vacuum applications.

Several material executions are possible like: steel, aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, glass fibre and reinforced polyester. Depending on the stored product we can apply all kinds of linings and/or coating systems in order to protect the inner or outer surface. Polyester silos are available with different synthetic resins to obtain the chemical durability required.


Silo park installation at Kronos, Belgium Filling of storage silos from bulk truck

Silo discharge equipment
Silo discharge equipment is used with products that have such bad flowing characteristics that gravity alone is not sufficient to make them flow from the silo, tank or hopper. As a result, typical flow problems occur such as clinging, arching, bridging and rat holing. Both aeration and mechanical systems can be supplied by TBMA in order to restore flowability. A combination is also possible.

Silo discharge/ aeration equipment

Aeration equipment: 

  • Fluidisation cone 
    aerates and vibrates at the same time 
  • Air pads 
    resists heast, moisture and contamination 
  • Flo pads 
    for use with variable pressures  
  • Scarifying strip aerators 
    for large vessel diameter and height
Mechanical equipment:
  • Bin activator
    Suitable for discharging or dosing non-fluidizable micron sized particles and other difficult to handle materials. The bottom is vibrated by means of an unbalanced vibrating motor with controlled frequency. The vibrations are transmitted directly to the product by the flexible suspension of the bottom.
Bin activator Bin activator operating principle

Silo weigh- and level control equipment
In order to maintain a reliable control over silo and tank content level, TBMA can supply you with several types of silo weighing modules or level control sensors.

  • Rotating sensors
  • Capacitive and inductive sensors
  • Continuous sensors
  • Ultra sonic sensors
  • Tilt switches
  • Load cells / weighing modules

Limit switch for silos with fine-grained or coarse-grained, non-fluidised bulk solids. The various designs means the device has a wide range of applications. Certificates are also available for use in dust incendive hazard areas.

Soliphant is a rugged limit switch for silos containing powdered or fine-grained solids, including those with very low bulk densities. The various versions ensure it can be used in a wide range of applications, including dust explosion areas and foodstuffs.

Limit switches
Soliphant limit switch for silos containing powdered or fine-grained solids


Load cells

 Weigh load cells  Weigh load cells  Weigh load cells


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