Sampling equipment

Reliable quality control
Your company may be spending a lot of money each year on personnel and laboratory equipment to test and analyse your materials, only to find that the sample material you have been studying is not a correct, representative product sample. A correct sample gives all elements in the batch to be sampled. A bad or inconsistent sample means re-sampling and lost time. This can result in discarding an entire batch, costly production losses, shipping delays or rejected shipments.

For dependable quality control, TBMA offers you a complete line of automatic sampling systems. These samplers will give you and your customer a consistent, representative product sample of what you receive in bulk, process in plant or ship. Products sampled include granules (homogeneous and non-homogeneous), flakes, powders, pellets, slurries and liquids. Automatic samplers are capable of taking accurate samples from dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying lines, positive or negative, vertical or horizontal, tanks, silo's, bins, gravity chutes, etc.

The TBMA range of samplers consists of:

Type SPV

Type SRF

Type PTS

Type Carousel





Automatic sampler with 2-way changeover sampling system

Sampler unit Type SPV

The SPV automatic sampler is used to obtain a representative product sample of free-flowing materials from vertical chutes, hoppers and silo’s.

Sampler unit type SPV
Sampler closed position
 Sampler open


Sampler unit Type SRF


The SRF automatic sampler is used
to obtain a representative product sample from hoppers and silo’s.
This sampler features a screw which makes it very suitable for poor flowing materials. Due to the quick dismountable design the sampler can be easily applied in hygienic applications. The SRF sampler also features an adjustable sample size and frequency.

Detail Sampler unit type SRF
 Sampler unit type SRF

Sampler unit Type PTS

The PTS automatic sampler is used to obtain a representative product sample
from pneumatic conveying systems.

Sampler unit type PTS
 Sampler - type PTS  Sampler type PTS - interior


Automatic sample collection system (Carousel)


The Carousel multiple position indexing cabinet is designed for collecting either individual or composite samples.

The stainless steel, electrically-driven enclosures come in eight, sixteen and twenty-four positions.

The capacitive brake system positively align the intake hole
with a collection container.

Self-adjusting inlet seals prevent cross-contamination as the system indexes from one container to another.   


Carousel sampler unit
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