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Volumetric and gravimetric dosing feeders


“High Performance” dosing feeders
for dry bulk solids metering and dosing

TBMA can offer you an extensive range of both volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems
for the precise metering of dry solid ingredients.
Quite simply the utilisation of one metering mechanism design is not sufficient to cope with the diverse nature of dry bulk solids.

Therefore four basic designs have been developed with the ability to handle a greater variety of materials, more precisely and more consistently to provide
ultimate performance reliability.

Model 101 & 130 feeder series
Single auger mechanism.
Suitable for free flowing granular types materials.

Model 101 & 130 feeder series

Model 105 & 140 feeder series
Dissimilar speed double concentric augers mechanism.
Suitable for a wide variety of materials.

Model 105 & 140 feeder series

Model BDF feeder series
Dissimilar speed triple augers mechanism.
Suitable for the most difficult non-free flowing materials.

Model BDF feeder series

Model 170 feeder series
Circular, flat bottom feed chamber with self-emptying auger/agitator mechanism.
Suitable for poor flowing products and rapid product changeovers.

Model 170 feeder series