PIAB vacuum conveying units


Besides the classic vacuum conveying systems TBMA can offer you the PIAB unique vacuum technology which makes vacuum conveying even more interesting than ever before.

PIAB has a remarkable program of innovative industrial vacuum conveyors that offers new possibilities for an efficient conveying of all kinds of powders, granulates and flake shaped products. Due to the integrated COAX® technology the units are very compact.

PIAB piFLOW® p series

Some advantages:

  • Unprecedented low energy consumption

  • Considerable increase of productivity

  • Completely closed for a safe and dust free operation 
  • Suitable for ATEX classified areas

Better in Vacuum Conveying
Piab has a wide product range that includes two lines of vacuum conveyors.

The piFLOW®p is designed for modularity and flexibility across many industrial segments. The piFLOW®i and  piFLOW®f Series are designed for applications
with lower sanitary demands where stainless steel 304 is sufficient.


This is a widely used conveyor for a number of applications, primarily in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Its main advantage is a modular design. Several batch volumes are available ranging from 2 litres to 56 litres.
Capacity up to 10 tons/h.

The piFLOW®p is made of stainless steel ASTM 316.
Available according:

PIAB piFLOW® p series
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piFLOW® i/f
This is a basic conveyor widely used in the chemical industry and sometimes in the food industry.

Several batch volumes are available ranging from 6 litres to 14 litres.

The piFLOW®i/f is made of stainless steel ASTM 304.

Available according:

PIAB piFLOW® i/f
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The principle of vacuum conveying

The animation below describes the vacuum conveying cycle, from the suction point to discharge. Vacuum is generated by a compressed air-driven Piab vacuum pump. The filters are automatically cleaned. The fluidization ensures that non free-flowing material is discharged.


Application example

  • Vacuum is created with compressed air through COAX® technology (A). The pump can be automatically controlled.
  • The bottom valve (B) closes and the vacuum increases in the container (C) and the conveying line (D).
  • The product is carried away from the feed station (E) into the conveying line and then to the container.
  • The filter (F) protects the pump and the surrounding area from dust and small particles.
  • During the conveying time, the air shock tank (G) is filled with compressed air.
  • At a preset time, the pump and the conveying are stopped and the bottom valve (B) is opened. The product is discharged at the same time as the air shock is activated and the compressed air cleans the filter from dust and small particles.
  • When the pump starts again, this process is repeated and a new cycle starts. The suction time and emptying times are normally controlled by a pneumatic or an electric control system.


Filter accessories



Piab pleated filters for extreme fine and free flowing powder Piab pleated rod filters for fine powder Piab textile filter bags for granules



Control units
Piab control units are fully pneumatic operated with an extremely reliable function.
The full pneumatic design also removes any source of ignition from the system and at
the same time simplifies the validation process.

Piab control unit CU - controls all functions of conveyor Piab control unit PPT - controls basic functions of the conveyor Piab valve control unit VU-EP

Feed accessories
The surrounding air is the carrier of the product and should be added at the feed point. Piab offers many different options from feed nozzels and feed adapters to feed stations.


Piab feed nozzles and suction pipes Piab feed adapter Piab feed station

Testing facilities
Piab’s state-of-the-art testing facilities ensure quality control by allowing you to test our conveyors in combination with your product. Piab’s vacuum conveyor testing facilities are specially designed for engineers in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Testing ensures you that your material can be conveyed safely, hygienically, quietly and efficiently. Piab engineers secure conveying characteristics over various vertical and horizontal distances. You will receive a report containing all necessary data for the conveying application, such as achieved capacity, filter type, feeding point, pipe diameter and accessories. This detailed report allows you to be certain that conveying time and energy consumption are effective. You will find testing facilities all around Europe, America, Asia and at TBMA.

PIAB testing facility

World wide knowledge
Working together with Piab and TBMA gives you a unique access to a worldwide network of vacuum conveying experts with more than 40 years of experience and knowledge of over 10,000 successful installations. Each Piab representative has direct contact to at least one of Piab’s Competence Centres, where we have gathered all our combined knowledge to ensure that you are recommended the optimal solution for your applications. Piab Competence Centres also have capability to custom design solutions for specific requirements.


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