Dense phase pneumatic conveying


High pressure - low velocity
Dense phase systems are best used when conveying highly abrasive products and those subject to degradation. Dense phase conveying uses high pressure combined with low velocity to convey product and can be supplied for various conveying capacities over distances up to 1000 metre.

TBMA has developed a pressure vessel designed to withstand the high pressure differential requirement rather than an airlock feeder as used on dilute phase conveying systems. The limited number of moving parts give the TBMA Pneuconveyor a distinct advantage over a rotating device, which is more susceptible to product abrasion and high gas leakage from the conveying line. The Pneuconveyor feeds the product directly into the conveying line whilst maintaining a gas-tight seal with the surroundings. TBMA are able to offer a Contiveyor for continuous dense-phase conveying requirements. 


Specific characteristics are: Dense phase conveying combined with big-bag discharge unit
Suitable for abrasive and friable products
High pressure / low conveying velocities
Conveying velocity 2 - 10 mtr/sec
Conveying pressure up to 6 bar
Batch or continuous conveying
Minimal product damage
Reduced erosion of conveying line
Longer conveying distances are possible
Reduction of blocked line possibilities

Dense phase conveying combined with big-bag discharge unit >>

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