Bulk loading chutes / Type Moduflex


Dust-free outloading
The outloading of bulk goods is associated with the risk of creating waste and dust as well as the danger of explosion. These risk can have a negative impact on both the environment and work safety. Furthermore it entails a considerable loss of product and extra costs for cleaning and maintenance.

TBMA can offer you an extensive range of dust-free outloading solutions suitable for any loading task like
ship-, train-, tanker- or truck loading.

By using TBMA / Moduflex loading chutes the dust hazard of bulk loading is reduced efficiently. A large line
of products is available within dust-free loading systems consisting of telescopic tubes, bellow feeders, filter bellows, and specially developed equipment to suit
the materials and capacities to be outloaded. It handles a large range of products from cement, lime, fly ash, plastic granules, coal up to grain, flour, sugar etc. for stockpiling, ship, road and rail tanker loading. 

Modular structure
The modular structure is an unique feature of the Moduflex bulk loading chutes. This means that the user receives precisely the solution that matches his application, as well as a level of flexibility that enables modifications and repairs
of the loading chutes to be undertaken with a minimum of disruption of the
outloading process. This reduces, not just maintenance cost, but also the knock-on effect in lost production time.


The main features in short: Stock piling with Moduflex bellow feeder
  • Unique modular construction
    with many standard executions
  • With or without built-in filter
  • Extensive product range
  • Short time of delivery
  • Easy maintenance
  • More than 35 years experience
  • Capacities from 1 to 3000 m²/h


Open loading:
When loading into flatbed truck, stockpiling or similar open loadings, the loading chute outlet rest on the product pile.
The free falling material stream (red arrows) passes to the point of discharge through a column of guide cones extending the full vertical length of the outer chute.
The combination of a flexible dust skirt and reverse air jet exhaust produces the negative pressure which is necessary to eliminate the escape of dust. The system’s automatically controlled winch mechanism progressively raises the chute during the loading process, as the indicator in the outlet is activated.

A reverse air jet arrangement exhausts dust particles upwards from the delivery outlet in the annular space between the guide cones and the outer chute (blue arrows). The guide cones ensure effective separation of the material stream from the dust-laden upward airflow.

Open loading

Closed loading:
In a closed loading system for containers, road, or rail tanker trucks, the outlet nozzle rests on the tankers loading hatch to create a dustproof connection. The reverse air jet exhaust (blue arrows) ensures air displaced by the material being loaded into the tanker does not develop an overpressure that would otherwise result in dust emissions.

The free falling material stream (red arrows) passes to the point of discharge through a column of guide cones extending the full vertical length of the outer chute. These guide cones ensure effective separation of the material stream from the dust-laden upward airflow.

Closed loading

Bellow feeder assembly

Basic bellow feeder assembly Bellow feeder assembly with integrated filter


Integrated filters
Moduflex loading chutes can be supplied with integrated filter module with nine filter bags to offer a complete solution, independent of external filters. The inlet is supplied in 300 mm diameter.

The filter intake is equipped with its own fan with regulating valve and pressure tank, ensuring that
the filter is kept continuously clean.

The filter bags are mounted on the top and bottom of the filter intake, and are available in several different versions to match various outloaded products and applications.

The filter intake on type F300 is retractable, providing a very compact construction. As a result, this type of loading chute requires only a small installation height.
Moduflex loading chutes with integrated filter
 Moduflex loading chutes with integrated filter

Moduflex outloading solutions can be supplied with a number of different outlets, for open discharging in lorries or railway trucks, or for discharging with road tankers or tank wagons. Standard and heavy-duty outlets can be supplied with rubber coating.


Flat Outlet / Heavy duty
The outlet is supplied with a stronger and longer dust skirt than the standard fl at outlet, as well as a larger protection cage, enabling two level indicators to be mounted.
Flat outlet / Heavy duty
Tank outlet / Heavy duty
The outlet is supplied with an internal cone for optimum separation of the product and exhaust air, as well as adjustment sleeves for the hoisting wires and two grips.
Tank outlet / Heavy duty
Multi-outlets / Heavy duty
This outlet is a combination of the tank outlet and flat outlet, and is thus equipped with both an outlet cone and dust skirt. The dust skirt is stronger and longer than that of the standard multi-outlet.
For tanker loading, the dust skirt is raised and fastened using the fittings on the two grips. The outlet cone has a similar design to that of the tank outlet.
Multi-outlets / Heavy duty


A wide range of accessories ensures that Moduflex loading chutes can be adapted to precisely match the needs of customers. Among the many accessories we could mention:

ensures that foreign objects cannot get into the chutes when not in use, and prevents waste after loading.

which makes it possible to move the chutes horizontally by as much as 2 m, or rotate it by 360°. 

is used to optimise the filling of tanker lorries or containers; it not only disperses products with poor slippage characteristics, but also functions as a closing cone.

There are innumerable other accessories for the Moduflex equipment, including the entire FlexControl series, which includes, for example, cable-suspended controls for all types of loading chute
FlexClose in closed position
FlexClose in open position

Moduflex product range
For container, road or rail tanker trucks loading

Moduflex product range for container, road or rail tanker trucks loading

For ship loading
Moduflex product range for ship loading


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