Big-Bag filling- and weighing systems


Efficient filling and high accuracy weighing
TBMA offers you a modular range of Big-Bag filling systems from which the basic models can be equipped with several options to obtain a complete solution for filling and weighing Big-Bags. With the TBMA modular systems unstable, poorly filled and unstackable bags belong to the past. A correct assessment of the right equipment eliminates product loss, contamination and dust pollution during filling operation

Careful consideration to filling quality and weighing accuracy have ensured the successful use of these filling machines world-wide.


Modular concept
The TBMA range is a simple but very flexible modular concept, always based on
the main principle of hanging, stretching and vibrating the big-bags during filling.
Filling heads are available in several executions to suit the handling of Big-Bags with our without inner liner. The modular set-up makes it possible to customise every system to suit all customer specifications regarding; type of product and bag, environmental aspects, system capacity and budget.


TBMA Big-Bag filling systems can be supplied to handle weights ranging from 500 to 2000 kg. Filling capacities up to 70 bags per hour can be achieved depending on the type of product feed and system lay-out.

Big-Bag CVB filling installation

Basic executions
The TBMA range of Big-Bag filling- & weighing units can be divided into 2 basic models and 1 special carousel execution: