Big-Bag discharge


Big-Bag discharging systems are specifically designed for discharging a large variety of products from different types of Big Bags. They eliminate dust emissions, product loss or product contamination. This modular range encompasses the discharge of single or Multi-trip bags, with or without plastic liner. Also a number of unique options are available for the safe and hygienic discharge of food ingredients, pharmaceutical products and toxic materials

Modular concept
The TBMA range is based on a simple but very flexible modular concept, whereby the basic models can be extended with several options to obtain a complete solution for discharging Big-Bags. TBMA has a wide range of expertise in the application of this type of equipment with proven reliability in practice. This is essential for a correct assessment of the right type of system for your particular situation.
The modular set-up makes it possible to customise every system taking into account all customer specifications regarding; type of product, type of bag, environmental aspects, system capacity and budget.

Basic execution Type LB-1

  • Flat discharge hopper
  • Suitable for free flowing materials
  • Reduced installation height
    compact design
  • Easy installation in compact areas
Basic execution LB-1 Basic execution LB-1

Basic execution Type LB-2

    • Conical discharge hopper
    • Suitable for poor flowing products
    • Suitable for different bag sizes
Basic execution LB-2 Basic execution LB-2

Many options and execution possibilities:
In order to fully accommodate our customer requirements the basic discharge hopper can be combined with a number of options and executions.

  • Customised top- and bottom frame
  • Multi-functional rigging frame suitable for both hoist and fork lift truck
  • Three-edged cutting knife for single trip Big-Bags
  • Dust-free discharge by means of rubber dust membrane
  • Vibration motor for efficient discharge of product
  • Liner tensioning and clamping mechanism for lined Big-Bags
  • Containment enclosure for handling toxic or hazardous products
  • Sanitary execution
Dust-free solution with liner clamping mechanism.
The specially designed liner clamping mechanism enables a dust-free seal of the liner before product flow is allowed into the down stream system. It realises a completely clean and dust-free discharge eliminating product loss or product contamination. Operation can be executed in either a manual or pneumatic version.
Liner clamping mechanism

Optimal handling of loose inner liners
The rigging frame incorporates a unique liner tensioning and retraction system.
This system secures the loose inner liner to the rigging frame and is automatically tensioned during discharge. It avoids product entrapment and enables a complete, dust-free discharge. After the discharge cycle is complete, the inner liner is
retracted by the system and rolled up to a small and compact bundle.
Afterwards it can be removed from the easily accessible retraction frame.

Rigging frame Easy removal of inner liner

Rigging frame with pneumatic liner tensioning- and retraction mechanism


Complete solution
Every discharge unit can be supplied with a wide range of ancillary equipment for further dosing and conveying of the discharged product.

Combinations can be made with:
  • Rotary airlocks or blowing seals
  • Screw conveyors
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Dosing equipment
  • Weighing equipment
  • Elevators

Big-Bag discharger with pneumatic conveying⇒

Big-Bag discharger Model LB2 with pneumatic conveying
Big-Bag discharger Model LB2 with liner clamping system in containment enclosure Big-Bag discharger Model LB2 with rigging frame, outlet spout and screw conveyor
Big-Bag discharger with liner clamping system
in contaiment enclosure for handling toxic
or hazardous products
Big-Bag discharger with rigging frame, outlet spout
and screw conveyor

Suits every application
The TBMA modular range of discharging equipment makes it possible to select a machine to suit any application and, if necessary, customise it to your needs.
A selection of some of the main executions can be seen below: 

Big-Bag discharge application examples

Type LB1 with hoist rigging frame

Type LB2 with hoist rigging frame

Type LB2 with forklift rigging frame and
adjustable support arms

Type LB2 with liner
tensioner and
clamping mechanism


Big-Bag discharge application examples

                       “Bags to Bulk” installation       Type LB2 with hoist column    Type LB2 with “Gantry”

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