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Bag slitting and emptying equipment


Perfect solution for all your bag discharge problems

The “Galahad” machine ends all your dust and discharge problems once and for all. The automatic bag slitter is suitable for the continuous and dust-free handling of all types of single- or multi-layered bags. Paper, plastic, large, small, dense- or light-filled with granular or powdered products, the “Galahad” will cut and empty them without problems. Depending on the properties of the product and the condition of the bags, capacities up to 50 tons per hour can be obtained. The standard execution will handle approximately 20 tons per hour.
"Bags to Bulk" system for plastic granules and powders incorporating "Galahad" automatic bag emptying machine 
Efficient bag handling

The method of operation is simple but very effective. It ensures that the bags are emptied with minimal residue (0,01% - 0,5% for free flowing products). By the appropriate design, the “Galahad” can be operated by one man only and offers you an economic solution for your bag emptying problems. The “Galahad” machine can be directly placed above a discharge point. If this is impossible or not desired, then TBMA can offer you a wide range of pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems to suit your specific needs.

Dust-free and safe working conditions
All access ways to the machine interior are fitted with safety switches. The machine allows simple cleaning in order to handle various products without contamination. A dust filter with extraction fan can be mounted directly on top of the machine or pipe connections can be mounted to allow ducting to a filter unit or central dust collecting system.
Safety switches on all access ways
Automatic bag emptying machine fitted with 2 tilting ceiling doors and 2 extra access doors
Method of operation
1. Bag centralization – Machine inlet
The bags can be fed to the inlet of the machine by roller or belt conveyor. By either method the bags
are presented to a set of grip faced powered rollers situated within the machine inlet. The powered
rollers propel the bags forward between adjustable side guides to centralise the bags prior to the main twin chain conveyor of the “Galahad” machine.
Bag centralization - machine inlet
2. Automatic location
A bag passing through the centralising guides is automatically collected by the twin chain conveyor. The twin chain conveyor is equipped with a series
of knife points to grip the edges of the bag. A set of adjustable rollers exert pressure on the bags, to ensure that they are fully impaled on the knife
points of the conveying chains.
Automatic location
3. Bag slitting
The conveyor chains transport the bags directly to
a centrally mounted circular rotating knife which is driven by a separate motor.
The rotating knife is adjustable for cutting depth. Bags are conveyed across the rotating knife and
are slit open lengthwise.
Bag slitting
4. Product discharge
After being opened the bags remain firmly held by
the knife points of the conveyor chains.
The bulk of the bag contents are now discharged
by gravity via the flanged outlet connection.
Product discharge
5. Vibration of bags
In order to ensure optimum discharge and minimal retention of product, the conveyor chains are vibrated by pneumatic vibrator units.
The vibration effect is adjustable for frequency.
Vibration of bags
6. Empty bag discharge
The empty bags progress to the head shaft of the chain conveyor and are released from the knife
points by a rotating discharge drum. The empty bags are discharged down the exit chute of the machine where they can be collected by either a bag compactor or automatic baling press.
Empty bag discharge


By clicking the video above you can get a brief impression of
the automatic bagslitter and emptying machine in operation


Ancillary Equipment - Complete Installations “Made to Order”

The unit can be supplied with a wide range of ancillary equipment. Platforms, supports and catwalks are designed to any client specifications in order to convert the unit into a complete bag handling installation.

Complete bag emptying installations “Made to Order”

For example:
  • Dust filter unit
    Mechanical- or Reverse Jet dust filter in several executions place don top or next to the machine. An integrated dust filter is placed on top of the machine directly above the cutting- and vibration area. The “Galahad” can be fitted with 3 pipe connections for ducting to an externally placed dust filter. Choice of type of filter is determined by the product handled.
  • Operator/control panel
    Fitted with motor contactors and motor protectors. Control facilities include door mounted LCD display for all alarm and event messages and PLC controller with Start/Stop sequence.
  • Tilting/Scissor lift table
    For easy intake of bags from pallets at a suitable working height
  • Belt conveyor in various executions
    Almost any desired type of belt conveyor can be fitted to the bag slitting unit for automatic bag in feed. Choice of belt conveyor type is subject to local situation, type of bag and desired working height. Belt width varies from 500 till 600 mm with a maximum elevation angle of approx. 35°.
  • Rotating-brush cleaning-unit
    To prevent contamination of product when bags are used with dirt or dust on the outside, a rotating-brush cleaning-unit can be placed at the bag inlet of the “Galahad” machine
  • Screw conveyor
    For mechanical conveying of product after discharge
  • Rotating sieve or built-in vibrating screen
    For removal of contaminants and lumps from product after discharge
  • Crusher / lump breaker
    For breaking down lumps and agglomerates from product after discharge
  • Rotary blowing seal
    A blowing seal can be fitted directly under the product hopper to accommodate pneumatic conveying of product after discharge
  • Bag compactor
    A screw compactor can be fitted at the discharge chute of the machine. Bags are compacted and discharged into plastic bags secured to the outlet of the compactor
  • Automatic baling press
    A baling press can be connected to the “Galahad” by means of a closed discharge chute. Various configurations are possible. The bags are compacted to form a bale, automatically tied with annealed wire and pressed out of the baling unit. Length of the bale is adjustable. Flange connections are provided on the baling press for ducting to the dust filter on the “Galahad”.

Bag slitting machine with cleaning unit, bag compactor and enclosed belt conveyor 
Bag slitting machine with cleaning unit, bag compactor and enclosed belt conveyor


Special applications

  • Stainless steel execution
    Suitable for food installations or corrosive products etc. All metal product contact parts are then manufactured from stainless steel
  • Widened execution
    For handling bags with extra large width
  • Extended execution
    For handling difficult flowing products or to increase the discharge capacity by means of a longer and/or faster bag transport
  • Tilting ceiling doors & extra access doors
    To accommodate a better accessibility the machine can be fitted with 2 tilting ceiling doors and 2 extra access doors. This will greatly simplify the cleaning and exchange of internal machine parts
Ceiling doors with safety switches
 "Bags to Bulk" installation

Technical specifications

Weight standard Galahad :  1000 kg
Bag thickness :  max. 250 mm
Bag width adjustment range :  390-520 mm standard
  :  360-620 mm optional
Rotating knife :  hard chrome plated standard
  :  Tungsten Carbide coated optional
Conveying chain speed :  8 mtr./min standard
  :  5 up to 18 mtr./min optional (depending on product)
Material execution :  steel coated or stainless steel
Drive :  0,75 kW bag transport
  :  0,75 kW rotating knife
Chain tension :  automatic and self-adjusting
Inspection / maintenance :  4 access doors standard
  :  6 access doors / 2 tilting ceiling doors optional
Safety features :  safety switches on all access doors

Dimensions Galahad bag slitting and emptying machine 


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