Upgrade SAX dust valve


Dust valve now also suited as autonomous
protective system dust class ST2

In 2005 TBMA developed a light-duty, rotary valve for use under dust filters and cyclones. This airlock has recently been re-evaluated by our engineering department to ensure that the valve continues to comply with the
ever-increasing regulatory requirements.
The SAX 250 is manufactured from a revolutionary
material GGG 50 known by the trade name Smart Lite.
This material allows thinner-walled castings to be manufactured without compromising the valve strength requirement. It offers excellent fatigue specifications, corrosion resistance and an economical use of materials.
This results in a rotary valve which only weighs 57 kg!
From its conception the SAX 250 was available as a standalone security device for dust class ST1. However, the market requirements did not stand still and we have therefore further developed the SAX 250 and made it suitable for a wider range of applications.
The SAX 250X-1 can now be used as an autonomous protective system under the following conditions;

  • Suitable for dust class St1 and St2 (max. 300 bar.m/s)
  • Suitable for zone 21, 2 and 22, II and II 2D 3G/D
  • Explosion pressure resistant up to 2.5 bar with polyurethane rotor blades
  • Flame secure in both directions
  • Max. allowable product temperature: 120ºC

The new autonomous protective version will be designated SAX 250X-1. The SAX 250 rotary valve will also still be available in a basic 6 blade rotor (SAX 250) and a standard 8 blade rotor version (SAX 250X).

For more information you can also contact:
Mr. Peter Jungbacker
E-mail: p.jungbacker@tbma.com
Phone: 0031 252 345601