TBMA launches new HAR-400 rotary valve


TBMA has developed the H-AR 400 rotary valve to bridge the gap between the H-AR 350 and H-AR 500 models.
Until recently TBMA had a H-AR range of high-duty rotary valves from 150 mm inlet diameter up to 500 mm inlet diameter with capacities varying from 2,5 litr./rev up to
125 ltr./rev.

Each next size was approx. a doubling of the capacity which makes the gab between the H-AR 350 with 58 ltr./rev and the H-AR 500 with 125 ltr./rev rather big. Therefore TBMA decided to introduce the H-AR 400 with
a capacity of 85,5 ltr/rev which nestles perfectly between these two models.

H-AR type high-duty rotary valves are applied in the conveying and dosing of almost any kind of product in the most demanding applications. These valves are eminently suitable for handling powdered and granulated materials in pneumatic conveying systems and under atmospheric conditions.

The H-AR type valve can be used for almost any application you can think of. The valve functions mainly as an air- or explosion barrier or for dosing/discharging of a wide variety of materials. Type HAR X-1 valves can be employed as a protective system up to 10 bar when handling dust explosion hazardous materials (dust ST2 Class, certified)

The valve is also very suitable for dosing in a pneumatic conveying system when used in combination with a ventury or blow-through adapter. H-AR valves create a high filling efficiency and capacity due to their very effective inlet shape. The H-AR 400 is available in the same executions as the other H-AR valves and can be produced in cast iron, stainless steel or cast iron with internal coatings such as chromium, nickel or tungsten carbide.

For more information you can also contact:
Mr. Peter Jungbacker
Phone: 0031 252 345601