Quick Clean rotary airlocks


TBMA Quick Clean rotary airlocks and blowing seals
TBMA Quick Clean rotary airlocks are specially designed for processes where regular cleaning and inspection are necessary. In these processes, ease of use, ergonomics and reliability are some of the most important considerations.


The sophisticated design of TBMA Quick Clean airlocks differs from other manufacturers on the following points:


Through a unique double bearing construction, the rotor is easily turned by hand.
As a result, it can be easily cleaned. In addition, the guide rods are long enough to provide sufficient access for the operator to inspect and clean the valve interior.


Ease of use
The quick clean airlocks are equipped with a so-called ‘splined shaft’. This means that after cleaning, the rotor can be mounted on 6 or 8 positions. The rotor adjustment is fixed and does not need to be corrected after disassembly.


Jamming of the rotor, is almost impossible, because of the backlash-free mounting of the rotor and the fixed adjustment of the rotor. In addition, the risk of damage during (dis)assembly is limited to an absolute minimum. This results in a very reliable airlock, suitable for an industrial production environment.

Quick Clean rotary airlocks Quick Clean rotary airlocks

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