Big Dutch milk supplier chooses TBMA


We recently delivered a hygienic big bag filler to a large Dutch producer of baby milk powder. The milk powder is processed in a high-care environment.  One more high-care solution for the food industry engineered by TBMA Europe.



High-care Big Bag vulsystemen voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie

The bigbag filler is designed according to the EHEDG guidelines and it complies with the Atex-standards. The equipment is completely carried out in stainless steel. The filling station meets ergonomic requirements and can be cleaned simple and thoroughly. The operator can easily hang the loops of the backside of the bag on special 'trombone' hooks. Then these hooks automatically turn backwards , so also the loops on the front side can simply be hung on their hooks.

High care environment
After the filling, the installation is completely emptied in order to rule out cross contamination. After disconnecting the bigbag, any product residue is suctioned off. In order to reduce the risk of product contamination to a minimum, pallets are kept outside the high-care environment. The big bags are therefore filled and weighed while they are hanging on a guidance system.   The bigbags  are placed on  the pallet after they left the high care environment.
Ergonomische pneumatische bedieningsbalustrade voor operators


Ultrasonic metering
An special metering valve can provide both large and small quantities of powder. This valve is ultrasonic vibrated to realize a very precise dosing. The bigbags are intermittently vibrated, so that stable, rigid,  bags are formed, with a flat bottom and top. The capacity of the TBMA bigbag filler is 14 bags per hour. TBMA has previously delivered similar systems in Finland and Ireland..

Doseerklep met ultrasoon trillingen voor nauwkeurig doseren van de benodigde hoeveelheid product


Speciale pneumatische 'trombone haken' voor het ergonomisch ophangen van de lege zakken Vulhoed met opblaasbaar klemmechanisme en opblaassysteem voor het opblazen van de binnenzak Hangend vul- en weegsysteem voor stabiele stapelbare Big-Bagís met vlakke bodem en top